Best Cycle Instructor in D.C.


It is an honor that I’ve been named the 2013 “Best Indoor Cycling Instructor” by Washingtonian Magazine. Teaching is my passion. I love being surrounded by people who work hard. Add a funky playlist and I’m in heaven. When I get on the platform to teach, I give 100%. That’s how it should be, for everyone, no matter what you do.  Give 100% every day. You deserve to see you at your best. And so do we.

8 Replies to “Best Cycle Instructor in D.C.“

  1. Hey hot shot. You rock. Please take a look at my indoor cycling instructor resource website for music.

  2. @Nomi. I can hear you singing. Love it.

  3. Youuuuu are the champion, my friiiend! (that’s me serenading you in a queen-esque voice).

  4. Kudos to Angel Stone. That’s great.

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