21-Day Challenge: 90s Hip Hop R&B Edition

If you want to:

  • spike your metabolism, boost energy, and tone your whole body
  • be motivated by 90s music + a certified fitness trainer
  • get a mix of cardio and strength workouts you can do anywhere

This series is for you.

Never trained with Angel Stone? Get prepared to experience the magic. She will make you laugh while standing in a pool of sweat.

A note from Angel

Hey Friend!

Exercise doesn’t have to be insane or aggressive. It can be fun, well thought out, and effective. I’ll prove it!

Join me in the 90s R&B challenge. We’ll be getting fit to Biggie, Brandy, Aaliyah, Heavy D, and other legends.

It’s time to enjoy moving your body. It’s time to separate exercise from diet culture. It’s time to declare fitness an act of self love – because it is.

xo, Angel


  1. How long is the challenge?
    21 days. There is a new assignment each day.
  2. How do I access the challenge?
    The videos will be hosted online as follow along routines. I will post at 12am EST to accommodate my international homies.
  3. What do I need?
    A mat or towel for floor exercises. You don’t need equipment.
  4. How long are the workouts?
    The workouts are 5-10 minutes. Why? Some of you are fit but not exercising because lack of time. Some of you are out of shape and nervous about longer workouts. This should eliminate most of the excuses. 🙂
  5. I am a beginner. Will I die?
    You better not! I created this for beginners and people getting back into shape.
  6. I am advanced. Will I be bored?
    This won’t be hard like my previous challenges but it will be fun. Plus, I’ve included mobility and stretching, which you need. Use this as a supplement. Do your 10 mile run, then do the challenge.
  7. How much is it?

The Schedule

Questions? Comments? You in?? 🙂

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