21 day challenge: 90s edition


Experience the Angel Magic

  • spike your metabolism, boost energy, and tone your whole body
  • get a mix of cardio and strength workouts you can do anywhere
  • work out to 90s hip hop and r&b music

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Day 1: Cardio. It’s a 6 minute routine perfect for increasing metabolism and boosting energy. Video is now live on youtube.

Day 2: Core. Not everyone loves working the abs, but the benefits are endless. Plus, there’s some Young MC in this workout. You will smile through the pain. Video is now live.

Day 3: Hip Mobility & Stretching. Get ready to open the hips and improve range of motion. This will reduce tension and improve performance. Video is live.

Day 4: Glutes. This 8 minute routine will lift, strengthen and shape your butt. More importantly, it will relieve knee and hip discomfort. Video is live.

Day 5: Cardio & Legs. This one is the for leg shaping, side booty smoothing, and cardiovascular training. Enjoy. 🙂 Video is live.

Day 6: Stretch. This will ease stiffness & increase flexibility. The area of focus is hips, hamstrings, calves, and inner thighs. Video is live.

Day 7: Core. Today, you have an 8 min ab workout to improve core strength and achieve a flat belly. Video is live.

Day 8: Shoulder Stretch. If you need to relieve shoulder stress, improve posture, and relax more, this is the one. Video is live.

Day 9: Full Body. There is no jumping. There are no repeat sets. You can use this as a warmup or you can do this when you’re running low on energy. Video is live.


I want to hear from you. Every day. I want to know what felt good, what was challenging, and anything you want to share. Reply to this blog post. Tell me everything. I love hearing from you!


  1. How long is the challenge?
    21 days. There is a new assignment each day.
  2. How do I access the challenge?
    The videos will be hosted on my youtube channel. I will post at 12am EST to accommodate my international homies.
  3. What do I need?
    A mat or towel for floor exercises. You don’t need equipment.
  4. How long are the workouts?
    The workouts are 5-10 minutes. Why? Some of you are fit but not exercising because lack of time. Some of you are out of shape and nervous about longer workouts. This should eliminate most of the excuses. 🙂
  5. I am a beginner. Will I die?
    You better not! I created this for beginners and people getting back into shape.
  6. I am advanced. Will I be bored?
    This won’t be hard like my previous challenges but it will be fun. Plus, I’ve included mobility and stretching, which you need. Use this as a supplement. Do your 10 mile run, then do the challenge.
  7. How much is it?

Questions? Comments? Do you still love me?

15 Replies to “21 day challenge: 90s edition“

  1. You got me sweating in my living room. Thanks! This is the perfect combo for my busy lifestyle – good music + effective routines + minimal time = sustainable healthy habits.

  2. @Lady. The plank doohickeys are tough for me, too. But I like them cause they hit the core and the butt at the same time. *It’s okay to get behind. You can try 2 workouts in a day to catch up. 🙂 xo

  3. I’m a little bit behind but I’m still here. Those plank doohickeys did me in!!! The lyrics kept me going ”comon fatso, bust a move!” Thanks for doing this!!

  4. @Carrie. Do you only like even numbers??? lol I’m willing to change all the days to even – if that helps. Love that you repeat the ab workout. I try to do these concentrated ab workouts at least 4 times a week.

  5. Didn’t do day 1 and day 3 but completed day 2 and day 4 and then did the abs workout again today. And Tuesday was the first time I had done an abs workout since June so I’m celebrating small successes!

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