Welcome to the 90s Workout Mix

You will:
-spike your metabolism, boost energy, and tone your body
-get a mix of 21 cardio and strength workouts you can do anywhere
-exercise to 90s hip hop and r&b music with follow along routines

Common Questions

What do I need?
A mat or towel for floor exercises. You don’t need equipment.
How long are the workouts?
The workouts are 5-10 minutes. This can easily fit into your day.
I am a beginner. Will I die?
No! I created this for beginners and people getting back into shape.
I am advanced. Will I be bored?
This won’t be intense, but it will be fun. Plus, I’ve included mobility and stretching, which you need. Use this as a supplement. 


Day 1: Cardio. It’s a 6 minute routine perfect for increasing metabolism.

Day 2: Core. Not everyone loves working the abs, but the benefits are endless. Plus, there’s some Young MC in this workout. You will smile through the pain.

Day 3: Hip Mobility & Stretching. Get ready to open the hips and improve range of motion. This will reduce tension.

Day 4: Glutes. This will lift, strengthen and shape your butt. More importantly, it will relieve knee and hip discomfort.

Day 5: Cardio & Legs. This one is the for leg shaping, side booty smoothing, and cardiovascular training.

Day 6: Stretch. This will ease stiffness & increase flexibility. The area of focus is hips, hamstrings, calves, and inner thighs.

Day 7: Core. You have an 8 min ab workout to improve core strength and achieve a flat belly.

Day 8: Shoulder Stretch. If you need to relieve shoulder stress, improve posture, and relax, this is the one.

Day 9: Full Body. There is no jumping. There are no repeat sets. You can use this as a warmup or you can do this when you’re running low on energy.

Day 10: Leg Relief. This stretch will help tired legs and a tired back. You will feel relaxed.

Day 11: Cardio & Abs. A quick routine to help you maintain heart health and lose fat.

Day 12: Tight hips? This mobility routine will change everything.

Day 13: Core. Improve how you look in clothes, stand taller, and strengthen your abs.

Day 14: Another day, another butt workout. Let’s get it.

Day 15: The cure for tension at work. Trust me.

Day 16: A true challenge. Do this one exercise for 3 minutes.

Day 17: Arms, Shoulders, Chest, oh my!

Day 18: Inner Thighs. Hide the kids.

Day 19: Try this routine of gentle stretches to relieve lower back stiffness.

Day 20: This is an excellent routine for glute activation.

Day 21: Ending on a juicy note. Do this to keep your joints healthy and your body mobile.

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Meet Your Trainer

Coach Angel is a world class fitness specialist. Her credentials: Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, Nike Trainer and competitive triathlete. With more than 15 years in the industry, Angel will guide you to the results you want.