Fitness Magazine released a list of 9 healthy breakfasts, each one coming in under 300 calories. Other than the fact that bread showed up in half of the dishes, I was pleased with their choices. (Disclaimer: I’m not anti-bread; I had a bagel between spin classes today. But I do think people rely on bread too much, eating it just because. I don’t eat bread every day and I don’t think you should. Why? Why not? There’s a ton of food more nutritionally delightful than bread. Stop taking the easy route every time. Try something new, boo.) The huevos rancheros, seen above, looks amazing to me. Check out the website to see 8 more breakfast ideas.

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Lauren · 03/18/2012 at 8:47 am

Yummy! The omelet ones look delicious too. Great point on the bread.

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