I used to be flexible. I wasn’t as flexible as a dancer or a gymnast but I could touch my nose to my knee and almost do a side split.

Things have changed.

stretches for flexibility loosen tight hamstrings

I can blame my nomadic lifestyle. I can blame the absence of systems, no dance classes, no yoga studios, no flexible friends to motivate me. (I’ve been building a good case.)

The truth, the actual reason I’ve lost my flexibility is because I haven’t made it a priority.

So today, I googled “flexibility”. The search yielded: flexibility stretches for beginners, flexibility exercises for dancers, flexibility training program for legs.

I’m ready to regain my flexibility. And I’m ready to help YOU get more flexible.

Must-Do Stretches for Flexibility

stretches for flexibility

Here are 8 stretches for hamstrings, hips, and lower back stiffness.

Push back. This exercise targets your hip flexors and hamstrings. Kneel on the floor as you see in the first photo. Lean forward then push back. Take your time. Focus on the push back / hammie.

Lying Hamstring. You are on your back with one leg in the air. Pull the leg towards your face. As your leg relaxes, pull more. Small pulses are encouraged.

Heel Sit. It’s simple. Sit on your heels. If you’re flexible, lean back putting the hands or forearms on the floor behind you. Breathe. Focus on the release of your quads.

Cross the body. This is essential to heal your back pain. Go VERY slowly. Try to get your top knee to touch the floor. Breathe. The space will open, if you let it.

Pigeon. For the hips and glutes. A must for runners and cyclists. Pull your leg towards you as you push the top knee away. Hold on. Small shifts are encouraged.

Cobra. Excellent for your core, lower back and abs. Inflexible people (me) can rest on the forearms. Flexible folks are welcome to straighten the arms and gain greater mobility in the back.

Happy Baby. It’s called “happy” for a reason! Get on your back, hold your feet, and let your hips be free.

Hamstring Fold. Stand with legs wide. Bend over to one side. Aim to bring your nose to the knee. Hold and shift and hold.

Want to do this stretch with me? I have a follow along video here.