bodyweight workout angel stone

You want to not need it but you do. You can’t stop thinking about it. You love all it promises to be. Even when it disappoints, you go back. You tell yourself this will be the last time. Then you find yourself back where you said you didn’t want to be. On your phone.

Might as well make the addiction work for you by downloading fitness routines to your phone. Use them when you don’t have time for your usual routine or when you need a plan to follow. Or, for motivation.

Picture it. You’re scrolling through your phone for no particular reason. You see the workout. You decide to work out. You fall in love with me all over again. The possibilities are endless.

Here are 7 bodyweight workout pdfs created by Niela Rey. Save these to your phone. Now.

Breathless Workout. Gets the blood flowing. Cardio and upper body focused.


1 x 1 Workout.  For full body endurance. One minute on. One minute off.


The Hulk Workout.The hard stuff you love.  (This should’ve been named after me.)


Stay Awake. The perfect pick-me-up during long work/study sessions.


Borderline Workout. This is fun. Plus, it’s stuff you don’t normally do.


Thor Workout. Legs, arms, core, go!


Jedi Workout. For unilateral, balance, and side body. Add dumbbells for a greater challenge.


That should be enough workouts to keep you entertained. Enjoy your new bodyweight workout.. xo, Angel

*Special thanks to my beautiful model for helping my vision come true. The photo turned out exactly how I imagined it. Thanks, Annie!