Running can liberate you, or torture you. Physical discomfort, mental blocks, and unreasonable expectations can make a person hate running. As someone who loves it, I want you to love running, too. Or, at least, be good at it. If you want the same, never forget these two rules.

1. Rub, stretch, roll.
It’s annoying when runners neglect the basics. But, we’re human. Here’s a human conversation I’ve had more than once.

You: I have this pain in my leg.
Me: When did it start?
You: When I increased my running.
Me: Are you doing massages?
You: No.
Me: Are you stretching?
You: A little.


People! If you want to stay healthy, you must do some combination of stretching, foam rolling, and massage. If you don’t, the aforementioned conversation will play like a broken record and I will be visibly irritated.

2. Smile, wave, nod.
Runners have a reputation for being friendly. When I see another runner, I’m like:


Why are you pretending you don’t see me?! It’s 6am. We are the only people jogging down this ‘perfect backdrop to a murder’ street. You see me. Smile, so I know you’re not a killer. Not a smiler? How about a thumbs up, a fist pump, a “good morning”. Something.

Your non-response is in direct violation of the code: runners acknowledge other runners. Period. Do it and be granted good running karma for life.

Please share these rules with anyone you know in violation.

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Angel · 11/03/2014 at 1:39 am

@Slomo. I’m trying to laugh more.

Slomo · 10/30/2014 at 6:26 am

Stop it with pic #2! I literally died.

ween · 10/29/2014 at 10:19 am

are those shoes still kickin?! still a walking billboard for neglecting #1. xx.

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