After 4 years of backpacking around the world, I’m an expert on exercising anywhere. I’ve done workouts in hostels, on farms, in stairwells, on balconies, and in bathrooms. Again, an expert.

I’ve compiled a plethora of body weight workouts you can do anywhere. No more excuses. Remember, always start your workout with a juicy warmup, like this or this.

Will you be traveling soon and staying in a hotel? Is your gym pitiful? Do you work from home and need to turn your coffee table into a calorie burner? Are you in prison????


The ultimate stair workout. Your whole body will wobble.

A 20 minute workout specifically designed for the hotel room.

How to Workout at Home With Your Dog

Not too hard but hard enough. A quick, energizing workout.

If you’re tired of doing pushups, squats, and lunges, this doesn’t include any of them.

3 advanced workouts inspired by capoiera.This is fantastic.

Step up your ab game with 15 core exercises.

The prisoner workout. Amazing exercises for really, really, small spaces.

The quiet workout. So moms can take advantage of nap time.

For my crossfitters. Vacation WODs.

College student? Build muscle from your dorm room.

Because you need a travel workout.

A workout for people who don’t eat.

If your knees bother you, this routine won’t.

This HIIT workout takes 12 minutes.

A black belt teaches you balance and flexibility.

For the legs and butt. My favorite parts.

For the booty. You’ll need 5 minutes and a kettlebell.

Want to improve your core? A gymnast tells you how.

Hip openers via this gentle yoga video.

28 exercises you can do on vacation. Some include your suitcase. I love this.

That’s it. Questions? Need me to yell?

Travel Workout | Quick Workout | Eat Yo’ Salad, No Dessert Workout


Slomo · 05/12/2016 at 10:42 am

Oh I’m gonna share the $%^& out of it! Starting the sharing now….thank you again!!!!!

Angel · 05/12/2016 at 12:31 am

@Slomo. THanks for recognizing. It took longer than any normal person will want to spend sifting. I would love it if you would share this article.

Slomo · 05/11/2016 at 3:57 pm

These are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for weeding through the insane jungle of resources for us in order to find these gems! ES

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