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Online Training Angel Stone Fit and Hungry BLog

So, you want a trainer?

Boy, oh, boy, you’ve hit the jackpot. My unique exercise prescription plus my “incredible” sense of humor will leave you feeling unstoppable. Trust.

Online Personal Training

It’s like traditional personal training. The only difference is that sessions take place through live video rather than face to face. You don’t have to worry about commuting, crowded studios, or wasting time. I’ll give you exactly what you need – because I know….   $30+ per session

Immersion 30/45

The “Fitness Immersion” is a unique four-week program dedicated to developing the whole client. The program rigorously stresses technique and alignment while enhancing aerobic capacity, strength, agility and balance. You will better understand what workout your body needs, how to balance your fitness interests, and when to make adjustments. This program is suitable for everyone from beginners to ambitious athletes. Clients must be accepted into the program and only those with a tremendous amount of spirit and dedication should apply.
$500+ per month

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What happens during an online workout session?
Each online session varies depending on the client and their goals. The focus could be mobility, core work, fat loss, or overall strength.

What software/hardware do I need?
Video calls are made using a video conferencing service, such as Zoom. You can use your laptop or smartphone.

What else do I need for online fitness training?
You need clothes. (Don’t you dare show up naked.) You need a mat, or a thick towel, for floor exercises. You do not need any equipment; I need to fix you first.

Are there any disadvantages to online training?
The only disadvantage is that I can’t physically correct your form. But it’s not a problem. I see everything. *Some people love that about me. Some don’t. :)\

What’s next, Angel? I’m ready to start now!
After you complete the form above, schedule a consultation so we can talk in depth about your needs and goals.
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