Personal Training

Angel Stone Lawrence Luk Photography

So, you want a trainer?

Boy, oh, boy, you’ve hit the jackpot. My unique combination of cardio, strength and mobility exercises, plus my “amazing” sense of humor will have you feeling unstoppable. Trust.

Online Personal Training

Regardless of where you live, I can be your trainer remotely. We will meet on live video and Details here. Rate: starts at $30/session.

Immersion 30/45

The “Fitness Immersion” is a unique four-week program dedicated to developing the whole client. The program rigorously stresses technique and alignment while enhancing aerobic capacity, strength, agility and balance. You will better understand what exercises your body needs, how to balance your fitness interests, and when to make adjustments. This program is suitable for everyone from beginners to ambitious athletes. Clients must be accepted into the program and only those with a tremendous amount of spirit and dedication should apply.
$500+ per month.

Full Time Fitness Coach

For those who want amazing results in the shortest amount of time, this is the option for you. I will be with you every day to oversee your nutrition and fitness. I will be your trainer, workout buddy, and the person who stops you after the second cookie, bag of chips, or glass of wine. 🙂  I am available for short or long term positions, anywhere in the world. This program is ideal for entrepreneurs, new moms, and brides.

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