Fitness Challenge Ebook

Angel Stone free fitness challenge workout guide ebook

Are you sick of not feeling and looking the way you want?
Do you want a workout routine you can fit into your hectic life?
Are you tired of programs that promise results, but just leave you feeling frustrated?

Then you need my FREE 14-day fitness challenge plan. 

It will improve your fitness and save you time. No more paying for programs that don’t work. This works, and it’s free. Finally, a workout plan that gives you what you want. Results.

What you’ll get when you sign up:

  • 30 minute body weight workouts; video demo included
  • A pdf calendar to schedule the workouts
  • Nutritional tips to prevent you from eating ALL the cookies
  • A faster way to get in shape without wasting time!

What People Are Saying:

“After 14 days of being fit & hungry, I am starting to see my J Lo-esque rear peeking through. Thanks Angel, you’re the ABSOLUTE best!!!” Badiyah

“I have been working so hard on getting fit and strong and I felt so powerful adding this fitness challenge to my regular routine.” Lauren

“I’m truly feeling fit and only a little hungry. I’ll be there for the next fitness challenge and I’m getting a few friends to try it too! Thank you, Angel!” Rachel


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angel stone fitness challenge ebook