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“Angel is the bomb-diggity. If you don’t know what that means, Urban Dictionary defines the term as “totally the awesomest, no lie”. And she is, in everything she does.” Deanne

Angel Stone Fitness Trainer and Solo Traveler with answers to your problems

Angel Stone has achieved extraordinary success in fitness. A Nike trainer, an ambassador for Lululemon, and ‘Cycle Instructor of the Year’, Angel thrives when expectations are high. She has a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and is the founder of Team Eshe.  She uses fitness to build communities and piles of sweat. With consistently sold out bootcamps and spin classes, Angel proves she knows how to get results. And she will make you laugh the whole time.

She is a regular contributor and writer for publications and online magazines. Angel has been featured in the Washington Post, Brightest Young Things, American Observer, Washingtonian, Active Life DC, MonkeySee, Girls Gone Strong, Prevent Cancer Foundation, RYL magazine, and many more.

Angel lives and breathes fitness. An avid runner and competitive triathlete,  she has competed at the Duathlon World Championships, the Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon, the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, the Vietnam Mountain Marathon, and countless other races.

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World travel is her current obsession. In 2014, she sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to Asia. She backpacked solo through 30+countries, volunteering and living with local communities. Now, Angel combines everything she has learned to create magical experiences that transcend the gym.

What Angel does cannot be contained to miles ran or pounds lost. She changes lives and builds communities. Her ability to connect people, who would otherwise remain strangers, is uncanny. “We met through Angel” is a common phrase throughout DC, where she built her fitness career.