Day 1: 21 Day Fitness Jump Off

The 21 Day Fitness & Nutrition Jump Off challenge starts today. Every day for 21 days, I will post a new assignment. The assignments will vary in level of difficulty and area of focus. On Fridays, I will post a fitness or nutrition challenge that will start the following Monday giving you ample time to prepare for battle. Let’s get started with your first assignment.

Day 1 of the 21 Day Jump Off

1. Clean out. Go through your cupboards, fridge, desk, and car to remove the items you know you shouldn’t be eating. Get rid of that bag of candy in your side door panel, give that box of ritz crackers to somebody’s kid, and put that soda in the freezer so it can explode.

2. Bring in. Who is your biggest fan? Who inspires you? Who are the folks that remind you to go to the gym, check on you, and eat healthy, too? Surround yourself with people who are going to support your endeavor to be healthier this month. Drop the haters – even if they’re relatives. Why are you hanging around people who don’t want the best for you!?!

3. Stock up. Go to the grocery store and load up on veggies, organic soups, and lean protein. If you are doing this challenge for weight loss reasons, you need to complete this task as soon as possible, like today.

4. Take stock. What do you need to improve on? Eating habits? Exercise consistency? Exercise variety? Positive thinking? Look at your life, find the area that needs work, then write down the positive steps you will take to remedy the situation.

5. Stand up. Are you ready to spend the next 21 days making good changes? Changes that will improve your well-being, your energy, your outlook, and your motivation? If so, I need to hear from you. Reply to this post telling me what your focus will be (ex. losing weight, exercising harder, motivating friends, etc.). In your reply, also include what setbacks/worries/doubts you have. Tell me what areas you want to improve and I will tailor this fitness challenge to your goals. “A closed mouth don’t get fed”.

I love you. Let’s do this!